Alith-Cast Episode 23 - 18th May 2018

Welcome to our 23rd episode of Alith-Cast! Aliths official webcast & podcast.
You can listen to the Audio version of our podcast at: and on ITunes

Alith are a casual, social, mature PvE guild, in Final Fantasy XIV Online. We're focused on community and friendship, and pride ourselves in being a non-pressure, non-elitist guild focused on fun & friendship in FFXIV.

Episode 23
Presented by: Elloa, Cyretti, Nicky and Azrall
Produced by: Belazarus

On The Show:

Meet Our Guests (Azrall & Nicky)
Final Fantasy XIV Discussion
Alith Guild News
Competition Giveaways Throughout
Thank You's

Special thank you to everyone who joined us for the Live show!
Thank you to our Special Guests: Azrall & Nicky

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If you'd like to find out more about Alith (Social PvE Free Company on the Cerberus EU Server) - head over to

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Thanks for watching, see you next time!

Belazarus (Alith Guild Leader) and the whole Alith Officer Team

Contact Details:


Guild Leader:
FF14 Character Name: Belazarus Alith
Twitter: @BelazarusAlith

Alith Officers: Final Fantasy XIV Character Name:

Nalroz Morningstar
Nashu Fuzzyears
Aiden Korosu
Alaenoor Shouna

We are also on Facebook:

Follow us on Twitter: @AlithFFXIV

You Tube Channel:

You can follow Azrall's streams over at his Twitch Channel:

You can follow Nicky's streams over at his & Elloa's channel:

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