Alith-Cast  Episode 1
25th June 2015

Welcome to our very first episode of Alith-Cast!  Alith's official webcast & podcast.  

Alith are a casual, social, mature PvE guild, in The Elder Scrolls Online.  We're focussed on community and friendship, and pride ourselves in being a non-pressure, non-elitist guild focussed on fun & friendship in ESO.

Episode 1
Presented by:  Krysalan, Sofie_M and GeraintAmbrosia
Special Guests:  Clairella and Violetarc
Produced by:  Belazarus

On The Show:

00:00:25:  Introduction
00:08:08:  ESO News & Discussion
00:39:12:  "Might of the Guild" - Player Builds (Ambrosia's Ultimate PvE Tank)
01:07:16:  Public Competition!
01:09:06:  Alith Guild News
01:22:16:  Social Events Update - with Special Guest:  Clairella
01:26:44:  Community Spotlight - with Special Guest:  Violetarc
01:39:16:  Community Spotlight - Ask Your Officers
01:55:16:  Guild Competition!
01:57:40:  Thank You's & Next Time on Alith-Cast

We hope you all enjoyed the show and welcome you to subscribe to our channel to join us on future episodes!
If you'd like to find out more about Alith (Social PvE Ebonheart Pact guild - EU Megaserver) - head over to

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to visit our website and click "Contact Us".
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Thanks for watching, see you next time!

Belazarus (Alith Guild Leader) and the whole Alith Officer Team

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